Interview on Kosovo Status

Here’s a short interview for RFE I gave on the Kosovo status discusion in Serbian and in Albanian

3 Responses to Interview on Kosovo Status

  1. dejan says:

    and albanians will get award for hundreds ruinous churches,hundreds of thousands dislodged nonalbanians,thousands killed and missing as well.
    Seems as you want to reach a goal in a future crisses, you just have to threat with violence,and you will get what you want…

  2. Bg anon says:

    Have comments been switched off?

    Good post on crickets. Anybody resorting to ‘rabbit season / duck season’ type of arguments obviously are desperately reaching.

  3. Florian Bieber says:

    I don’t know what’s going with the comments. The crickets must have chirped too loud to turn off the comments without me being able to figure out how…

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