Glorious Kosovo-Agriculture Cooperation between the Glorious Nations of Serbia and China

“Serbia, China agree to boost agricultural cooperation”

This is todays headline of the Chinese XINHUA news agency. Not exactly saving Kosovo…
Here’s a reconstruction of the conversation:
Kostunica: You have to veto the Artisaari plan, it will forcibly remove 15 % (actually, we re-calculated, it is 15.3%) of our territory. This will be a precedent…etc etc
Hui Liangyu: (looking distracted through the window)… I see you have nice corn fields, do you want to sign an agreement?
Kostunica: Yes, especially for the cornfields in Kosovo, so that we trade on the basis of all 100% of Serbian corn fields, not just 84.7% of them. etc. etc.
Hui Liangyu (yawning) Okok

and thus the glorious agreement on boosting agricultural cooperation was signed

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