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May 2019

My book on The Rise of Authoritarianism in the Western Balkans will be published in the coming months by Palgrave in the Series “New Perspectives on South-East Europe“.

March 2019

Eurozine published by reflections on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Cold War in an article called “Anxious Europe.”

Why a border change between Serbia and Kosovo is a bad idea and how this debate gained traction in “What could a Serbia-Kosovo border swap achieve?” for New Eastern Europe.

January 2019

Together with Wondemagegn Tadesse Goshu, I wrote an analysis on the transformation of Ethiopia and what lessons can be learnt from Yugoslavia for Foreign Policy.

November 2018

Ethnopolitics published a symposium with my article “Is Nationalism on the Rise? Assessing Global Trends” and comments by Erine Jenne, Zsuzsa Csergö and Siniša Malešević, as well as my response.

July 2018

My article “Patterns of competitive authoritarianism in the Western Balkans,” was published in East European Politics in a special issue on Rethinking ‘democratic backsliding’ in Central and Eastern Europe

March 2018

My article on  “The Rise (and Fall) of Balkan Stabilitocracies” was published in Horizons. In addition, I wrote two comments on the EC strategy for Danas and the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue for NIN (in English on the blog)

February 2018

Analyzing the newest EU strategy for the Western Balkans, I wrote a comment for Foreign Affairs, as well as several interviews and statements (DLF, Der Standard, Swedish Radio, Financial Times, .

December 2017

My chapter on “Tourism, Nation-Branding and the Commercial Hegemony of Nation Building in the post-Yugoslav States” was published in  Ulrich Ermann and Klaus-Jürgen Hermaniek (eds),  Branding the Nation, the Place, the Product. by Routledge.

September 2017

The Routledge Handbook of East European Politics, edited by Adam Fagan, Petr Kopecký was just published by Routledge with a chapter of mine on the Belated Transitions in Southeastern Europe.

May 2017

My chapter on Post-Yugoslav Patterns of Democratization was published in  Building Democracy in the Yugoslav Successor States Accomplishments, Setbacks, and Challenges since 1990, edited by Sabrina P. Ramet, Christine M. Hassenstab, Ola Listhaug, with Cambridge University Press.

April 2017

On 28 March, BiEPAG released its latest study on the state of democracy which we presented at the European Parliament in Brussels and subsequently I commented on the study’s findings and Serbian elections for Financial Times, New York Times, Wiener Zeitung, and Spiegel-Online.

March 2017

The Austrian journal Der Donauraum released the special issue Remembrance Culture and Common Histories in the Danube Region I edited following a conference hosted by the IDM in late 2014.

February 2017

My first book chapter on the history of Hvar was published in German as “Die Insel als Provinz. Isolation, Identität und die Beziehungen zum Zentrum in Dalmatien”


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