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May 2020

Nationalities Papers published an analysis of how the pandemic triggered or accelerated nationalism globally. I also had the opportunity to participate in the first virtual ASN debate on the topic.

March 2020

I published a reflection on the impact of COVID19 and government response on authoritarianism around the world for Foreign Policy.

February 2020

My book Debating Nationalism. The Global Spread of Nations was published by Bloomsbury in the series “Debates in World History. It is a short introduction to the history and current debates about nationalism.

November 2019

I published a brief analysis how the far-right in Europe use Europe as a framework to justify their position and there is a long history of nationalists referring to Europe for Foreign Policy.

October 2019

My book on The Rise of Authoritarianism in the Western Balkans was  published  by Palgrave in the Series “New Perspectives on South-East Europe“.

September 2019

As of September, I am holding the Jean Monnet Chair in the Europeanization of Southeastern Europe.

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