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Ballaballa Balkan: No go in Montenegro, September 2021.

Sarajevo Calling, Hearing is Beliebing w/ Florian Bieber, May 2020.

“Debating Nationalism – The Global Spread of nations” – a conversation with Florian Bieber, Opinion Peace, April 2020.

The Corononavirus Diaries: Prof. Florian Bieber on the impact of the virus on nationalism in Europe, April 2020.

The state of the Balkans, 4th Thessaloniki Symposium, 18.10.2015


Interview for FACE TV on Bosnia, 13.5.2012

Kosovo: Communities – A film on the ethnic communities of Kosovo

Scholars as Public Intellectuals Weighing in on History and Politics in East Central Europe, ASN, 19.4.2013

Wiederaufbau und Versöhnung auf dem Westlichen Balkan, Cafe Europe, 24.2.2011

Interview for the Blog East-Central Europe Past and Present, 13.3.2009

Zapadni Balkan: Ključ stabilnosti u rukama Beograda, Most, Radio Free Europe, 5.12.2008

Power Sharing in Deeply Divided Places: The Balkans-Power Sharing by Outsiders,University of Pennsylvania, PPEC, Mellon Sawyer Seminar,15.4.2008

EU and NATO State-Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Report from Woodrow Wilson Center Presentation, Voice of America, Bosnian Service, 10.4.2008

Claiming Independence: Kosovo, ABC Radio, 26.2.2008,

Implications of the independence of Kosovo ORF, 19.2.2008

World, Have your Say: Who decides who is entitled to independence? BBC World Service 15.2.2008

Serbia after the Presidential ElectionsInfo Radio Berlin, 4.2.2008

The Kosovo Precedent? Secession and Frozen Conflicts, LSE European Institute: Schapiro Lecture Series, 22.1.2007

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