Answers to the Balkan Lego Challenge

Here are the answers to the four Balkan Lego Challenges:

1st Challenge: Skopje



2nd Challenge: Sarajevo, 28.6.1914



3rd Challenge: Gastarbajterski venacular

4th Challenge: Belgrade

Balkan Lego Challenge

Here is an end of year Balkan Lego Challenge. While Lego might have its own architecture series, it is much more interesting to do the same with some standard bricks. Here are four challenges from the Balkans: two cities, one historical event and one architectural style. The results of much construction during the holidays.

Enjoy guessing (in the level of difficulty)!

1st Challenge: Guess the city!

P1140147 P1140148







2nd challenge: Guess the historical event!

P1140155 P1140157







3rd challenge: Guess the architectural style!

P1140173 P1140174







4th challenge: Guess the city!

P1140166 P1140167

Cleaning Sponge instructions

C-Market, the Serbian super market chain, is not only responsible for providing first class products, but also for items which are able to satisfy the housewives of the Soviet Union.

Sudden Cardiac Death: Chance or Predestination

Here’s some evidence that the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts are not only dealing with topics of ‘national’ importance, here’s the poster of a recent lecture at the SANU on the opportunities of cardiac death.

Hotels in the former kuk crown lands–the monarchy lives

Staying in the wonderful Altstadt Hotel in Vienna, I noticed that the hotel belongs to a chain of hotels with branches in Austria and “the former crown lands”. What about some similar chains. German hotels in Breslau, Königsberg and other former territories of the reich, or a nice little Turkish hotel group with boutique hotels in Turkey and the former Ottoman sanjaks, including in Athens, Belgrade and Sofia.
The options seems endless and a great marketing ploy.
During the Bosnian war, bus tour operators in Vienna were advertising trips to Medjugorje and Orange picking in the Neretva valley in a former Austro-Hungarian crown land–Bosnia was mentioned nowhere, for good reason.

Sauerkraut against bird flu

Here are the latest solutions to fight the bird flu from Belgrade (from the press conference announcements at the media center)…

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