Pictures from Skopje (2009-2013)

A colleague recently asked me about the photos I have been posting on facebook of Skopje over the years of the Skopje 2014 project. I thus decided to upload the best photos from a four year period (2009-2013).

Copyright for all photos with Florian Bieber. If you would like to reproduce the photos, please contact me.

3 Responses to Pictures from Skopje (2009-2013)

  1. inavukic says:

    Stunning photos. Aa for the structures and monuments in Skopje – just a wonderful example of making the presence of history a permanent reminder.

  2. nnovica says:

    This is not really known, but some years ago me and a friend started a page on en.wikipedia titled “WelthaupshadtSkopje”. Clearly the name of the page was intended to be a reference to the WWII Berlin architecture plans. However, none of the content of the page was made up or untruthful. It simply was a page documenting all that at the time was known about the project Skopje2014.

    It was marked as hoax for speedy deletion. Later the admin (a guy from Germany) commented that he didn’t believe that the information presented there could be real. Fun stuff.

  3. Pjer says:

    Fake,kitsh..soulless architecture.

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