My role in the Austrian colonial conspiracy against Croats

Since I posted my brief response to the faked interview yesterday (republished on, there have been some new twists in the story. which apparently unknowingly took over the fake interview appologised and published a clarification. Somewhat different has been the response of

They acknowledged in email correspondence the mistake (attributing it to a colleague from Croatia), but after I did not respond to their questions about the Croat rights to self-determination, etc. (it seems like answer to their questions was a bit like tell a thief how the clock works which he just stoke from you), they published a, shall I say, rather tendentious comment. The bottom line is that they added the stuff to the interview because I should have said it and only because of the whole Austrian colonial influence didn’t (I especially like the description of VL as the neocolonial voice of Austrian postcolonialising capital).

In contrast to what the portal thinks, I am not an expert in international law and there are probably others better qualified to answer the question whether or not the Croats of BiH (aka the Austroottoman Kurds in the heart of Europe) have the right to autonomy or self-determination. My sense is that the answer would disappoint the portal, but then again, this might all be part of a global conspiracy.

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