Oxford also in Kosovo, Bossi in Albania

Thanks to a colleague, I just found out that not only the Paneuropean University Apeiron, Slobomir University, Euro College and Megatrend, as I  noted  in my previous post, have been honored with an award from Oxford, i.e. the European Business Assembly, but also the Iliria Royal University in Kosovo received a recognition in “a solemn ceremony organized in the European Summit of Leaders in the Oxford University, nominated by the European Club of Rectors, University Iliria won the European Prize for Quality.” This means that of the ten universities I commented on last year, four received this honor.

Another university of list, Crystal University, got some attention in Italy (and here) recently for granting the son of Umberto Bossi, former head of the Lega Nord,  Renzo Bossi a university degree in just one year.

4 Responses to Oxford also in Kosovo, Bossi in Albania

  1. Mira says:

    So, what to think an average mother about this-some kind of wierd joke or with money could do anything?

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  3. TR says:

    Hi Florian!

    Good job you’re doing with unmasking our ‘universities’ that look more like McDonald’s than academic environment. The ‘International University of Struga’ seems to be the last one to have been awarded by the European Business Academy. So sad, yet so true…

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