Milo’s Dilemma: Shall I stay or shall I NATO?

Rumors have been reported that Milo Djukanovic might be taking up a job at NATO. The story is fed by his announcement already late 2009 that he would resign from his job as prime minister.Whether such a story is true remains to be seen. However, it is clear that it highlights Milo’s dilemma: He is clearly determined to leave his job, he can only go down from here. Furthermore, he has repeatedly noted that his is exhausted from his long-time job. However, it is hard to imagine him as a 48-year retiree in Montenegro. The country is too small. Being just an ‘elder’ statesman is hardly a plausible role. Thus, leaving for an international job would make sense. However, the role of officials from the Western Balkans in international organizations has been limited and usually based on their professional qualifications.

(from Danas, 8.6.2010)

For his critics, the prime concern of such an ‘escape’ would be his escape from any trial over alleged involvement in any crimes. However, there is another concern. How will win the power-struggle within the DPS? The struggle over the succession of the party will determine the future of reforms in Montenegro and whether the governing party will disintegrate and open the space for new governing coalitions.

Whatever the outcome, the latest rumor suggest that 2009 might be a key year for the future of the governing party and the trajectory of democracy in Montenegro.

One Response to Milo’s Dilemma: Shall I stay or shall I NATO?

  1. Paul C says:

    Surely the obvious transition for Milo is simply to drop his political activities and focus on his business activities?

    It’s extremely difficult to see any role for him in NATO – Montenegro doesn’t join until 2012 (I think?) – unless it’s some sort of regional co-ordination.

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