The more the merrier… parties and elections in Montenegro

It seems like the Montenegrin opposition is giving the governing parties a special gift for the parliamentary elections on 29 March. These early elections were called by the government to ostensibly get a mandate for sustained EU integration. The opposition, however, criticised government for going for quick elections before the economic crisis fully unfolds in Montenegro.

Whatever the reason, it seems like the governing DPS will not have to worry about its 54 year stint in power. Just in time for the elections, the already highly fragmented opposition split once more and two more parties are added to the list of opposition groups. Andreja Mandic, after leading the Serb List to become the leading opposition grouping now formed the more moderate New Serb Democracy, while a wing of the Movement for Changes formed the Democratic Center to joined the Liberals in a pre-election coalition. So, in short, there are now the following ten opposition parties (see report by CDT):

– Coalition for “Za drugačiju Crnu Goru” (For a different Montenegro), composed of the Liberal Party and the Democratic Center

– The People’s Coalition (“Narodnjačku koaliciju”) composed of the Peoples’ Party and the Democratic Serb Party

– The Serb national List (“Srpsku nacionalnu listu”) including the Serbian radicals, the Serb peoples party and a group of citizes.

– New Serb Democracy

-Movement for Changes

-Socialist People’s Party

and this is without the parties of minorities. Thus all possible permutations of Serb Socialist and People are running.  The opposition might not win, but at least it is likely to be represented by 10 parties. But there is always the Dark Horse candidate from the People’s Front of Judea.

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