Kosovo’s pro-independence parties

Here’s the bad headline of the day from the IHT: “Early tally gives edge to pro-independence party in Kosovo“. So PDK won narrowly over the other parties which are not pro-independence? It is hard to distinguish parties in Kosovo on the issue of political program, but still, emphasizing the only thing which does not set them apart is not exactly a journalistic highlight…

One Response to Kosovo’s pro-independence parties

  1. Liliang says:

    Dear Florian,
    Dear All,

    Is there anybody who knows about a recent restrictive decision concerning the Pristina university? I think having found it in Danas last week but cannot find anymore.
    Also I may launch a question:
    How far will Serbia go for Kosovo?
    and What explains the Belgrade-based Helsinksi odbor’s fears about Serbia’s aggressive aspirations if Serbia does not really have the means to keep Kosovo.

    Adrienn Lilla Juhasz (Liliang)
    researcher (Hungary)

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