The Failure of EU State-Building: Conditionality and Security State-building in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro, ASN Convention, New York, 10-12 April 2008

Peace, Consociation and Transformation. Lessons from former Yugoslavia.  ASN Convention, New York, 23-25 March 2006.

External De – and Re -construction of Multiethnic States: The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Paper presented at Cornell University, 2005.

Power-sharing Arrangements: Lessons for Iraq: The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Cyprus. Presentation for the Conference Iraq: Powersharing and its Discontents, American University, Washington D.C. 11 June 2004.

Multinationales und Multireligiöses Serbien. Auf der Suche nach einem neuen Selbstverständnis in der post-Milošević Ära

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