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January 2016

Between February and June 2016, I will be on a sabbatical as a visiting fellow at the Remarque Institute of NYU in New York.

December 2015

The article “The Serbia-Kosovo Agreements: An EU Success Story?” was published in Review of Central and East European Law. A short comment on the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement was published in Europäische Rundschau (in German).

November 2015

The 20th anniversary of Dayton was topic on which I gave media statements for Harpers and Der Standard.

For Radio Free Europe, I wrote my one week diary under the impression of the refugee flow through the Balkans.

October 2015

The refugee crisis dominated this month with interviews for Der Tagesanzeiger, and Swiss Radio.

September 2015

The refugee crisis has dominated this month, including an op-ed for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Balkan Insight, and discussion for the ORF Europastudio, as well as interviews for numerous media (Bloomberg, NTV, 20 Minuten, Blick)

August 2015

As part of the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group (BIEPAG), I contributed to the civil society component of the Vienna Western Balkans summit in late August and BIEPAG presented a study on bilateral relations for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that was mentioned in the final conference statement and also included a declaration on bilateral relations and EU integration signed by all ministers of foreign affairs of the Western Balkans. My notes on the summit are on my blog, as well as in a number of interview for the summit  (Der Standard, and here, Kleine Zeitung, N-TV). The study is available here.

The articleThe Construction of National Identity and its Challenges in Post-Yugoslav Censuses” was published in a special issue of Social Sciences Quarterly.

The FWF-funded research project on workers in Serbia and Montenegro during the 1980s was discussed in an article in Der Standard.

May 2015

The edited collection “Universities and Elite Formation in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe,” I co-edited with Harald Heppner has been published in the series Transkulturelle Forschungen an den Österreich-Bibliotheken im Ausland by the Lit-Verlag

The political crisis in Macedonia has been the focus on a few blog posts I wrote and media commentary (for Deutsche Welle, Reuters, also here).

In early May, I presented a “food for thought paper” on “The challenges of Freedom of Expression in the Western Balkans in the
context of EU integration” at a conference organized by the MFA in Albania on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Albania’s membership in the Council of Europe.

At the conference of the ABDOS in Graz, I gave a keynote speech on “Die Krise der Demokratie auf dem westlichen Balkan. Wo liegen die Grenzen der EU-Integration?”

April 2015

At the annual convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities in New York, I presented a paper on “Constructing Inclusive National Identities: The Trajectory of Socialist and Post-Socialist Montenegrin Identity.” It discussed the intellectual debates, mostly during the socialist period about how to define Montenegrin national identity.

The Austrian daily Kleine Zeitung published an article I wrote about provocations of Vojislav Šešelj.

I gave several interviews on the situation in Bosnia, including for  Novo Vrijeme, and Al Jazeera Balkans and for the Macedonian TV stations Alsat and Telma TV on the political crisis in the country. Der Standard reported about corruption and dubious practices in higher education in Southeastern Europe for which I provided comments and background.

March 2015

Central European University Press Civic and Uncivic Values in Kosovo. History, politics, and value transformation, edited by Sabrina P. Ramet Albert Simkus Ola Listhaug which included a chapter I wrote on “The Serbs of Kosovo”.

February 2015

Democratic backsliding in the Western Balkans has been a key theme. Following a public lecture at LSE in late January, a wrote a blog on 10 rules of Machiavelli for a 21th century Balkan prince that became widely circulated in the region, as well as more detailed analysis for the NZZ and several comments for media, in particular on Macedonia.

December 2014

The Austrian journal Europäische Rundschau published an article on the state of democracy in the Balkans.

The French online journal Regards Sur l’est published an short article on Hvar I wrote as part of a special issue on islands in Eastern Europe.

The Journal Southeast European and Black Sea Studies published a special section I edited on the first multiparty elections in Bosnia in 1990. My introduction is available for free online. This elections was crucial in bringing to power the key protagonists of the Bosnia, but has been insufficiently understood. These articles seek to shed some new light on this key episode .

Following up on our conference on the centenary of the beginning of World War One, I published an op-ed article in Die Presse.

November 2014

In the Europastudio of Austrian television ORF, I discussed new nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe.

October 2014

The edited collection from our conference on the Dissolution of Yugoslavia was published with Ashgate. The book, co-edited with Armina Galijaš and Rory Archer, seeks to offer some new directions in which the research of the dissolution of Yugoslavia can be taken. Glad to have some greatauthors in it, including Eric Gordy and Chip Gagnon, but also Ljubica Spasovska and others.

September 2014

I honored to be joining the advisory board of the Croatian International Relations Review.

Juni 2014

A key theme in media conversations were the floods, for example for Foreign Policy. Another theme has been the EU policy towards the region, on which I gave an interview for the Bosnian weekly Novo Vrijeme, The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One also received attention, in particular the controversies over the commemorations, one which I talked about for an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education 

An article with Erin Jenne on “Situational Nationalism: Nation-building in the Balkans, Subversive Institutions and the Montenegrin Paradox” in Ethnopolitics.

May 2014

In May I participated in the launch of the policy paper and policy briefs of the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group in Sarajevo and later in Belgrade.

March 2014

I just published an analysis of the authoritarian temptation in Southeastern Europe on the occasion of the Serbian elections in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

February 2014

The protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina created considerable renewed interest in Bosnia and some lively debates. In addition to several analysis (and here) for my blog, quoted in European Voice, several European newspapers (including in Portugal and Spain, and Austria) a contribution to a debate for Balkan Insight, I gave several interviews, including for Le Monde, Radio Free Europe,and another interview in German and also signed an open letter on the protest, signed by a number of academics, published in the Guardian (full text here).

A long analysis of the different protest movements in the Balkans was published by the Council for European Studies at Columbia University, called the New Tragedy of the Commons (written before the protests in Bosnia).

January 2014

I published a comment on the contested nature of the centennial commemoration of World War One for the Austrian daily Die Presse.

December 2013

Oxford University Press published The Milosevic Trial. An Autopsy edited by Timothy William Waters to which I contributed two chapters (Do Historians Need a Verdict? and The Show and the Trial: The Political Death of Milosevic)

The International New York Times published an article on private universities in Eastern Europe to which I contributed a comment.

Eastern Approaches, an Economist blog, mentioned my analysis on the Croatian referendum.

November 2013

Kleine Zeitung published a reportage on the project Skopje 2014.

I was guest on the Graz radio show Die Neue Stadt of Helsinki Radio on the conference Rebellion and Protest from Maribor to Taksim. Social Movements in the Balkans. The podcast is available for download here.

Radio Free Europe and Anadolu News Agency published analyses with my comments on the 18th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

October 2013

The Macedonian daily Dnevnik published an interview with me on Macedonia’s relations with the EU and the larger international context.

In Graz, we launched the Research Advisory Group, a new initiative of the Centre for Southeast European Studies and the European Fund for the Balkans to develop policy suggestions for the Western Balkans.

August 2013

Ö1 ran a detailed reportage “Alma Mater Absurda. Über private Universitäten, fiktive Ehrentitel und dubiose Diplome” on private universities in Southeastern Europe featuring an interview with me.

July 2013

I just published a comment the EU enlargement in the Balkans after Croatia’s EU membership in Die Presse.

June 2013

The Index on Censorship ran a report on the protests in Bosnia including some of my observation.

May 2013

The Taiwan Journal of Democracy published a special issue on power-sharing including one article by myself on “Power Sharing and Democracy in Southeast Europe”

The new Routledge Handbook of Regionalism & Federalism edited by John Loughlin, John Kincaid, Wilfried Swenden includes a chapter “Federalising the Federation’: The Failure of the Yugoslav Experiment” I wrote.

A new edited volume on power-sharing was published edited by Joanne McEvoy and Brendan O’Leary on “The Power Sharing in Deeply Divided Places”, including a chapter by myself “The Balkans: The Promotion of Power Sharing”

April 2013

At the ASN convention, I had the pleasure to be part of an exciting round table discussion on “Scholars as Public Intellectuals Weighing in on History and Politics in East Central Europe” with Katherine Fleming (History, NYU), Timothy Snyder (History, Yale), Kim Scheppele (International Affairs, Princeton), and István Deák (History-Emeritus, Columbia), and Holly Case

The German journal Südosteuropa Mitteilungen features a special section on the recent controversial decisions of the ICTY including a comment by myself on “The ICTY’s Limits: After the Acquittals of Gotovina, Markač and Haradinaj”

After having served as editor-in-chief of Nationalities Papers for four years, I have handed over the job to Peter Rutland. Here some thoughts on my time as editor.

February 2013

The European Parliament published a study on “Mainstreaming Human and Minority Rights in the EU Enlargement with the Western Balkans” to which I contributed.

I participated in a Ditchley Foundation conference “Problems in the Western Balkans: settled or dormant?” with leading policy makers, analysts and diplomats. Here are some notes of mine from the conference.

Recently Perspectives on Politics published a review essay of mine on several books dealing with democratization and popular mobilizations in the Balkans.

January 2013

The German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article about a policy paper written by myself and Leon Malazogu. The report was also re-published in a shortened version in Südosteuropa Mitteilungen. The original report, published in October 2012 is available at the website of D4D.

The Serbian weekly NIN published a comment I wrote on a analysis written by Boris Begović. The English version, as well as the original text are available on my blog. My comment triggered further reactions published in NIN and a response also available on my blog.

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