Debating Nationalism. The Global Spread of Nations. Bloomsbury 2020

“Debating Nationalism is an excellent and extraordinarily useful short survey of key problems and debates in the history and theory of nationalism. Its skillful mix of conceptual argument and empirical detail makes it especially well-suited to courses in political theory or political science that deal with nationalism, ethno-national conflict, or the place of national identity in contemporary politics.” Paul Hanebrink, Professor of History and Jewish Studies, Rutgers University, USA


 The Rise of Authoritarianism in the Western Balkans. Palgrave 2020. 

“When it comes to Balkan politics, Florian Bieber’s book touches a raw nerve. It is an absolute must-read for scholars of the region. Students of comparative democratization and authoritarianism have much to learn from it just as well.” Dimitar Bechev, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

“This excellent new book will very quickly become the definitive text for scholars and students of South East Europe and the Western Balkans. It will also be invaluable for those with an interest in the revival and survival of authoritarian states globally. Bieber provides incisive analysis based on extensive knowledge of a region that he has studied and meticulously observed for nearly three decades. A must read.” Adam Fagan, King’s College London, UK

9781403998828Post-War Bosnia. Ethnicity, Inequality and Public Sector Governance. Palgrave, 2006

“An informative study …. It will be useful to scholars and policymakers alike.” Sumantra Bose, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

“Bieber’s exemplary study of Bosnia and Herzegovina…is based on extensive research, in-depth knowledge, and a remarkably balanced view …” Wolfgang Petritsch, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1999-2002

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Bosnian version of Post-War Bosnia:

Bosna i Hercegovina poslije rata : politicki sistem u podijeljenom drustvu. Buybook, 2008.


Nationalismus in Serbien vom Tode Titos bis zum Ende der Milosevic Era [Nationalism in Serbia from the Death of Tito to the End of the Milosevic Era], Lit Verlag, 2005.


“With this massive study, Florian Bieber has presented us with what is probably the most comprehensive discussion of Serbian nationalism in any Western language.”

Sabrina P. Ramet in European History Quarterly


“Wer sich neu für Serbien oder andere Nachfolgestaaten Jugoslawiens zu interessieren beginnt, findet bei Bieber alles, was man über die Geschichte der heute dominierende Figuren wissen muss… Dabei hält das Werk sich von Fachchinesisch frei und ist für politisch Interessierte auch dann gut lesbar, wenn sie nicht Geschichte oder Slawistik studiert haben.”
Norbert Mappes-Niediek, in Frankfurter Rundschau, 26.10.2005

Bosnien-Herzegovina und der Libanon im Vergleich. Historische Entwicklung und Politisches System vor dem Bürgerkrieg. Pro Universitate, 1999.

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