Why Minority Rights does not have to mean segregation…


All eyes on the PM

I recently returned from Macedonia.  The reason for my trip was in fact a very encouraging initiative:  The OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities together with the Macedonian authorities has developed a strategy for integrating the educational system. What sounds like one of many projects which have been implemented (or not) across the region is in fact more ambitious and might have an impact well beyond Macedonia. For a while, minority rights have come to be associated with separate institutions and a creeping segregation of minority and majority children in the educational system. This initiative and the position of the HCNM have made it clear that this does not have to be case—in fact, safeguarding the rights of minorities also means facilitating communication with the majority (and vice versa) and ensuring that children from the community can function successfully in society at large.

Thus, the support of the Macedonian government, including the PM and the Albanian coalition partner DUI, might make this initiative happen. So what would happen: Classes and schools would no longer be broken up along ethnic lines, language training in the languages of the other will be strengthened, as will be extra-curricula activities and joint classes. If this experiment will succeed, it can become an example for a more subtle understanding of minority rights in education than dynamics of ethnically separate education in a number of countries in the region.

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  1. Klada says:

    Yes, there are a bunch of an ongoing experiments in my country that do promise some good results. I hope that you’ll be following our example and implement their (the probe’s) positive sides in the countries of Western Europe. Let’s make a multinational World together, because nations aren’t nothing but a mere illusion. We (Macedonians) hope that we’ll help all of you – selfless, nurturing hands appreciate that fact a little bit more. You know how it flows Dr., today nothing but lab rats, tomorrow… well – brothers, I presume.

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